API Corp offers a range of intuitive and collaborative products to limit the use of cash by offering dematerialized and secured transaction alternatives and enabling all actors to understand customer data in order to optimize business performance.

Fully compliant with EMV and PCI-DSS security standards, API Corp ecosystems can be provided as a turnkey or cloud hosted solution enabling financial institutions, retailers, payment service providers, merchants, banks, telecom operators, utility providers or other businesses to offer their customers smart and practically branded services.

API Corp solutions are delivered as 'plug and play' software to be added to the traditional transactional systems.

Based on its expertise on all the electronic payment chain, from business advice to production, API corp ensures the implementation of digital services, covering all distribution channels, while maintaining a neutrality to manufacturers (interactive terminals, tablet, ATM, digital screen ...)

"We meet your operation needs with a digital approach that makes sense for your cash business"


Bank-Store ©

The Bank-Store ecosystem is used to carry out digital transformation for all banking services, including withdrawal and remittance services.

The Bank-Store platform uses the features and specifics of each payment method to ensure a unique and omni-channel customer experience, providing new opportunities for distribution channels, new financial inclusion capabilities and a new agency model.

The Bank-Store operations are executed by customer self-service performing digital transactions or by agents  using a portable terminal (mobile phone, tablet, digital screen, payment terminal etc.). The system manages the instant issuance of temporary ATM cards for unique use so that customers can perform transactions on Bank terminals.

The solution provides also decision making and monitoring tools through real time data analytics and simulation.

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Branch-Store ©

The Branch-Store ecosystem is an interoperable environment containing applications enabling payment institutions, retailers, payment service providers, merchants, telecom operators, utility providers or other businesses to offer their customers smart and practically branded services.

Independent of both terminal and host manufacturers, the Branch-Store ecosystem enables service providers to offer a broad range of new and innovative services to their customers, that can be accessed from point of sales devices.

The standard ISO 20022 connectors guarantee the connection to your current Host servers (CMS, Core system, TMS, CRM ...) without interruption of the existing commercial services.

The Branch-Store solution enables the implementation of branch office HUB including the following features:

- Real-time supervision of branch activity

- Regional distribution of digital services

- PnL Classification

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Transaction-Store ©

The Transaction-Store ecosystem allows customers to store money in a secure digital account and transfer it using many devices, providing bill payment and funds transfer for prepaid accounts. 

The Transaction-Store applications offer innovative payment solutions that are easy to access allowing economy benefits. It facilitates the payment experience of customers, saving their time, and meeting their desire for fluidity between different payment channels.

The solution makes it easy for agent to manage customers, and also to make setup and configuration for issuing systems according to you own rules. The product includes a pre-clearing interfaces and built-in interchange forecasting as per the international payment associations definition.

The Transaction-Store can interact with any external system via built-in integration APIs.

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